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Knowledge exchange in the arts and humanities as creative economy policy assemblage

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This paper reflects on how the underpinning logics of UK creative economy policy - about the value of creativity, the commodification of knowledge, and how these things lead to economic growth - become embedded in knowledge exchange projects.
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an empty seminar hall with lighting and chairs on a stage

Investment into R&D will be vital for the recovery of creative and cultural organisations

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Tarek Virani looks at the impacts of the pandemic on the UK’s creative and cultural sector, and why the evidence...

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Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Workshop. Photo by Jon Aitken

Understanding, capturing, and assessing value in collaborative design research

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This paper is an editorial for a collection of papers in the CoDesign Journal that respond to a tension between...

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Contributing to the creative economy imaginary: universities and the creative sector. Photo by Jon AitkenPhoto by Jon Aitken

Contributing to the creative economy imaginary: universities and the creative sector

This paper explores the relationship between the creative economy and universities. As funders, educators and research bodies, universities have a...

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South West Creative Technology Network Immersion Showcase - photo by Jon Aitken

Rethinking ‘knowledge exchange’: new approaches to collaborative work in the arts and humanities


This paper explores approaches to collaborative work between arts and humanities disciplines in UK higher education and the creative economy....

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Cultural Ecologies Workshop - photo by Jon Aitken

The practice of cultural ecology: network connectivity in the creative economy

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This paper reflects on approaches to collaborative knowledge exchange projects between UK universities and the creative economy. It develops a...

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