About us

Established in 2016, the Creative Economies Lab (formerly Creative Economy Unit) is a research and delivery team within UWE Bristol’s Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC).

We have been funded over £10m to develop platforms for creative practitioners, businesses, thinkers, artists, and academics to collaborate. Our projects explore questions about the role of emerging technologies in our everyday lives and futures – from data, surveillance and control to the promises and problems of Artificial Intelligence, the role of technology in togetherness and performance, to human-centred responses to climate change.

Through this work, we support innovation in the creative sector, offering creative communities funding for R&D, expanded professional networks, business support, and more.

We take an ecosystemic approach to everything we do – thinking about how people, places, organisations and things are connected – to explore a better, more hopeful future for creative work, underpinned by real-world experimentation and critical conceptual enquiry.

We gather evidence for national conversations about creative economic policy and are now exploring radical, critical alternatives to existing models of creative economic growth. We conduct research, write, teach and speak about our work, and run the Creativity Knowledge Cities conference.

We develop and deliver all of our work with long-time partner, Watershed