Understanding, capturing, and assessing value in collaborative design research

This paper is an editorial for a collection of papers in the CoDesign Journal that respond to a tension between the broadening scope, scale and heterogeneity of collaborative design research, and an ever-growing demand from funders and regulatory organisations for the measurement and benchmarking of the work researchers do (Wilsdon, 2016). Participatory design and co-design practice produce value in diverse forms, over multiple timescales, captured by different groups against different agendas.

Written by: Roger Whitham, Simon Moreton, Simon Bowen, Chris Speed and Abigail Durrant.


Whitham, R. Moreton, S. Bowen, S, Speed C. & Durrant, A. (2019) Understanding, capturing, and assessing value in collaborative design research, CoDesign, 15:1, 1-7, DOI: 10.1080/15710882.2018.1563194